Q & A’s for Availing Log Book Service in Sydney

Did you buy a new car? Are you advised to avail a log book service in Sydney, when under warranty period? Well, log book servicing is basically a timely thorough check-up of your car as per the specifications and instructions given by the car manufacturer. Log book servicing needs to be done every 1000kms and is basically for the mechanical parts so that the car can give you high performance in the long term. The log book is basically a record of all the services and what are all the instructions that is to be followed while servicing so that warranty facilities can be availed if required. It also helps a qualified and licensed mobile mechanic to certify that your car is in a good condition for driving, after the mobile pink slip inspection in Sydney.

There are a lot of questions that you have in your mind? So here are few of the frequently asked questions that you might also have in common. With the answers you will understand why you were advised to avail a log book service in Sydney.

Do I Need to Visit the Original Car Dealer for Log Book Service in Sydney?

There is a common misconception that you must visit the car manufacturer every time for a log book service in Sydney to get a stamp on the log book. Under Australian Law, the ACCC have confirmed that you can hire authorised mobile mechanic in Sydney for log book servicing. The licensed mobile mechanic in Sydney can sign or give a stamp on the log book after following all the instructions thoroughly, mentioned in the log book by the manufacturer for servicing.

 How does a Log Book Service in Sydney Help?

Log book servicing can benefit you in many ways. Stamped log book can help you in availing warranty services when required, which also saves you money for the repair of the mechanical parts. It will also increase the resale value of your vehicle because stamped log book is a proof that the car is well maintained for driving on the road safely.

 How to Get a Replacement for the Lost Log Book?

Authorised log book service providers in Sydney can advise you with the ways of issuing another appropriate log book as it’s not an easy task to get another original booklet replacing the lost one.

 What Needs to be Done if a Dealership Denies Warranty?

A car dealer cannot deny warranty just because you didn’t reach out to him for the log book service in Sydney. If they deny then you need to contact the ACCC for your rights under the ACL. Your mobile mechanic can also guide you with this.

These are few of the frequently asked questions that people have while availing a log book service in Sydney.  If you need an experienced mobile mechanic or an auto electrician in Sydney, you may contact our licensed and qualified team to avail the mobile services.