3 Amazing Benefits of Logbook Servicing That You Should Know of

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The Importance of Logbook Servicing

Whether you have a new automobile or one that is still under warranty, timely logbook services offer plenty of advantages. According to a recent poll of Australian automobile owners, only 68 percent acknowledged to using the new car logbook service across Sydney on a regular basis. A frightening 83 percent of individuals who admitted to skipping a logbook service did so due to budgetary worries and a busy schedule.

Car owners have a frequent misunderstanding that their new car requires little maintenance to run efficiently. In reality, the first few months of a car’s life, known as the “Running-In” stage, are crucial. Proper logbook servicing, whether at an ASC or a local mobile car mechanic in Sydney, assures a greater life span for your vehicle as well as improved performance and fuel efficiency.

Top 3 Reasons to Have Your Car Logbook Servicing Done on A Regular Basis

The new engine is said to be in the ‘bedding-in’ stage for the first few months. During this period there is an increased risk of wear and tear due to the high friction between engine components such as the piston, and cylinder, as they are still rough and recently manufactured. This initial wear and tear often halts the metal particles in the engine oil, which must be withdrawn to prevent blockage or further damage of the parts. One of the reasons why automakers recommend changing the oil and filter in the first few logbook services is because of this.

Similarly, all other parts of the vehicle too are slowly settling into a range of working circumstances, which increases the likelihood of identifying a machine breakdown.

A regular logbook service record is also required as documentation in the event of a warranty claim. If your new automobile develops a problem, the dealer may decline payment or even cancel the insurance unless you can verify that your vehicle has undergone regular logbook servicing.

As a result, timely logbook car servicing helps you avoid significant damages or costly repairs while also allowing you to claim warranty in the event of a problem.

1. Increases the Lifespan of Your Vehicle
Logbook servicing follows a range of activities and examinations. Regular maintenance of moving parts of an automobile, such as tyres, transmissions, and other components, takes time and kilometres to adjust and work smoothly. Thus, logbook service allows your automobile to perform at its best while also allowing you to save money on car maintenance throughout the course of the vehicle’s lifetime. On the other hand, if you don’t get your logbook serviced on a regular basis, you will notice poorer fuel efficiency and more frequent maintenance requirements due to slightest of reasons.

2. Improves the Resale Value of Your Automobile
Regular logbook servicing ensures that your car has a complete service history as well as a greater market value. If your car has a history of regular repair and maintenance, the resale value will almost likely be higher because the prospective buyer will know that the vehicle is kept well-maintained.

3. Where should I Get My Car Logbook Servicing Done in Sydney?
Yes, you have the option of using an authorised service dealer or a local mobile car mechanic.
Most new car owners are made to believe that in order to retain their warranty; they must get their vehicle fixed at the dealership. But this isn’t the case!

According to the ACCC, there is no legal necessity to have your vehicle serviced by a franchisee dealership in order to maintain your manufacturer’s guarantee. You have complete freedom to get your car’s logbook serviced wherever you like, as long as the local garage meets three key criteria.