3 Amazing Benefits of Logbook Servicing That You Should Know of

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The Importance of Logbook Servicing

Whether you have a new automobile or one that is still under warranty, timely logbook services offer plenty of advantages. According to a recent poll of Australian automobile owners, only 68 percent acknowledged to using the new car logbook service across Sydney on a regular basis. A frightening 83 percent of individuals who admitted to skipping a logbook service did so due to budgetary worries and a busy schedule.

Car owners have a frequent misunderstanding that their new car requires little maintenance to run efficiently. In reality, the first few months of a car’s life, known as the “Running-In” stage, are crucial. Proper logbook servicing, whether at an ASC or a local mobile car mechanic in Sydney, assures a greater life span for your vehicle as well as improved performance and fuel efficiency.

Top 3 Reasons to Have Your Car Logbook Servicing Done on A Regular Basis

The new engine is said to be in the ‘bedding-in’ stage for the first few months. During this period there is an increased risk of wear and tear due to the high friction between engine components such as the piston, and cylinder, as they are still rough and recently manufactured. This initial wear and tear often halts the metal particles in the engine oil, which must be withdrawn to prevent blockage or further damage of the parts. One of the reasons why automakers recommend changing the oil and filter in the first few logbook services is because of this.

Similarly, all other parts of the vehicle too are slowly settling into a range of working circumstances, which increases the likelihood of identifying a machine breakdown.

A regular logbook service record is also required as documentation in the event of a warranty claim. If your new automobile develops a problem, the dealer may decline payment or even cancel the insurance unless you can verify that your vehicle has undergone regular logbook servicing.

As a result, timely logbook car servicing helps you avoid significant damages or costly repairs while also allowing you to claim warranty in the event of a problem.

1. Increases the Lifespan of Your Vehicle
Logbook servicing follows a range of activities and examinations. Regular maintenance of moving parts of an automobile, such as tyres, transmissions, and other components, takes time and kilometres to adjust and work smoothly. Thus, logbook service allows your automobile to perform at its best while also allowing you to save money on car maintenance throughout the course of the vehicle’s lifetime. On the other hand, if you don’t get your logbook serviced on a regular basis, you will notice poorer fuel efficiency and more frequent maintenance requirements due to slightest of reasons.

2. Improves the Resale Value of Your Automobile
Regular logbook servicing ensures that your car has a complete service history as well as a greater market value. If your car has a history of regular repair and maintenance, the resale value will almost likely be higher because the prospective buyer will know that the vehicle is kept well-maintained.

3. Where should I Get My Car Logbook Servicing Done in Sydney?
Yes, you have the option of using an authorised service dealer or a local mobile car mechanic.
Most new car owners are made to believe that in order to retain their warranty; they must get their vehicle fixed at the dealership. But this isn’t the case!

According to the ACCC, there is no legal necessity to have your vehicle serviced by a franchisee dealership in order to maintain your manufacturer’s guarantee. You have complete freedom to get your car’s logbook serviced wherever you like, as long as the local garage meets three key criteria.

4 Benefits of Hiring a Mobile Mechanic for Your Car Problems

Mobile Mechanic Sydney

When your car breaks down in the middle of the road, it is not easy to get to an auto repair shop – but a mobile mechanic can get to you. Hiring a mobile mechanic is the new way to get your car repaired at your home, office, on the side of the road or anywhere else.  A mobile mechanic can come to your place and fix your car issue as quickly as possible. Hiring a mobile mechanic service in Sydney is a highly convenient option, especially if you have a busy schedule. Mobile mechanics are highly qualified and they are experienced enough to diagnose and fix your car problems on-site. They have the knowledge, tools, skills and expertise required to get you back on the road quickly.

Here are some of the major benefits of hiring mobile mechanics:


When you take your car to an auto repair shop, you will have to stand in queues and wait for long hours for the service to be done. One of the best things about mobile mechanics is the fact that they come to you, whether you are in the middle of the road because your car won’t start or you are stuck at the office with a damaged tyre. Hiring a mobile mechanic service in Sydney means you won’t have to take your car to the mobile mechanic; instead, they will come to you.

Mobile mechanics have the expertise and tools required to carry out repairs and maintenance services on-site. They can come to you at a time that is most convenient for you, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of having your car towed to an auto repair shop. Mobile mechanics get to work right away. Once you hire a mobile mechanic, you can go about your daily tasks without wasting time waiting for your car to be fixed. A mobile mechanic can get your car back up and running no matter where it broke down.

Save on Towing Fees

 When your car breaks down on the road, in your driveway or in a parking lot, the first thing you do is call for car towing to get to the auto repair shop. Having your car towed can be expensive and most people don’t want to deal with the hassle of getting the car towed to the auto repair shop. This is why many car owners opt for hiring a mobile mechanic. With a mobile mechanic, you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money for having your car towed. Mobile mechanics come to your place and carry out the necessary repairs on-site, so you don’t have to spend extra money on towing.

Less Expensive

In most cases, mobile mechanics are less expensive than auto service centres. Having your car repaired by a mobile mechanic is less expensive. The same repair work done by a traditional auto repair shop will cost you more. This is possible because mobile mechanics do not have the high overhead costs that regular auto repair shops have. Mobile mechanics will reach at your location as quickly as possible, diagnose the problem and provide you with an immediate estimate. By hiring a mobile mechanic service in Sydney, you can save a substantial amount of money.

Mobile Mechanics are Just as Professional as Repair Shops

Many people are unaware of the fact that mobile mechanics are just as professional as repair shops. Mobile mechanics are highly skilled and they have the knowledge, expertise and tools required to carry out all the same repairs as mechanics at a garage. With a mobile mechanic, you can easily get your log book servicing done without leaving home. They always carry a wide range of tools and spare parts required for any kind of repair. A mobile mechanic can cater to all your car service and repair needs.

Mobile mechanics offer a wide range of services. Some of the major services that are offered include:

  • Transmission service
  • Oil changes
  • Tyre repair/replacement
  • Fluid replacement
  • Fluid flushes
  • Battery replacement
  • Brake repair

If you need the convenience of a mechanic coming to you, then look no further than On The Spot Mobile Mechanics. Whether you are looking for a mobile auto electrician or a mobile car mechanic, you can count on us. We are fully equipped and trained to perform any car repair or car service. Whether you are stranded in the middle of the road or you are at your office, we will come to help. 


5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Mobile Car Mechanic in Sydney

Mobile Car Mechanic Sydney

Is there an option that’s better? It is a safer choice to hire a mobile car mechanic in Sydney than to drive your car to a regular repair shop yourself. Mobile auto services are the best choice to go for if you are looking for some repair services that can fix your car with optimal productivity as soon as possible. While mobile car repairers provide a good and effective service, it is important for you to hire the best one. In other words, such errors that can prove costly to you should be avoided.

Do They Have All the Necessary Licensing?

Make sure that they are certified and have a legal company when you hire a mobile mechanic service in Sydney. This is critical because registered mechanics have cover for insurance. In other words, if they are injured at work, you are not responsible for their medical costs, but it is the duty of the company hiring them to bear those expenses. In addition, you can escape numerous legal disputes that can occur in the process of completing the job.

Are They Equipped with All the Modern Tools?

It is easy to evaluate and address the issue without much delay with the use of modern, advanced equipment. Not only this, it enables the mechanic to quickly and reliably conduct the job. It’s not enough to own the expensive equipment alone, they can do it very well without causing any unnecessary problems with your car and increasing your costs.

Use of Genuine and Better Replacement Parts for Log Book Services

When carrying our general log book service, any irregularities in the parts of the car warrant their immediate replacement. It should be genuine and fitting for the replacement parts that will be used by the car mechanic. They use the components of the various builds that might not pose any problem initially, but in the future it may cause greater harm to your vehicle. The components used by them must be robust and long-lasting, and other parts of the vehicle should not be affected.

Have You Given Complete Details of Your Problems?

It is necessary to provide full details of the problem and car models when hiring a mobile mechanic. Not only do the specifics conform to the vehicle specification, but also your position, particularly when it is a bit tricky. They will schedule their work in a better way and pack up the requisite articles accordingly while providing full information. Not only would some sort of misinformation delay the job, but it could be stressful.

Have You Sorted Out the Payment Details?

We find in many cases that we do not concentrate on the service fees and hire the mobile mechanic service in a rush. Only when you organise and prepare well will proper bargaining be achieved. Some mechanics bill for the half job per hourly basis and many for the full job. How you pay them depends on you. Compare the cost of having your car repaired at a fair rate in all ways.

No doubt, it can be very easy to hire a mobile mechanic near me, but your knowledge plays a vital role in order to get stress-free and pleasant services. Before you select their services, think and prepare well.