Swift, Affordable And Reliable Baby Bunting Car Seat Fitting Across Sydney

The safety of your baby is of paramount importance from day one. The first car trip would require an appropriate baby bunting car seat fitting in your Sydney locality to make sure that the baby arrives home safely in your Sydney home.

Regardless of the age of your child or baby, it is essential to ensure that you choose the right car seat, booster or capsule for your baby to provide optimum safety. Have you chosen the right booster seat in your vehicle for your baby yet?  Are you sure whether the seat has been well strapped and controlled? IS the baby seat the right one for the comfort of your child? Is it of right height or length? On The Spot Mobile Mechanics can provide you with the appropriate baby booster seat using accurate measurements for the ultimate safety and comfort of your baby. We are not just a car mechanic, we are family men too and we too have kids. So, understand the importance of their safety and comfort.

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baby bunting car seat installation

We offer a child control baby car seat fitting service to help keep them safe from any accidents while travelling comfortably to their location without getting hurt or distressed. . Our services are provided by our exclusive team of car seat installers who are experienced, caring and very passionate at what they do. We work with a strong commitment to quality practices in the supply and services of child safety products. Over the years we have fixed uncountable restraints all over Sydney and have not had a single complains so far. 

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Our car baby car seat fitting installation criteria

For your peace of mind, and the safety of your child, On The Spot Mobile Mechanic have implemented the following Installation ideology:

1. We consider that a baby should be seated in a back facing child control system for as long as possible

2. We do not fit a child control sitting in forward facing mode unless and until the baby meets the first height marker and is more than 12 months old

3. If the child cold sitting arrangement has exceeded back facing mode, the child control should be kept facing back side until the baby has get in touch with the highest back facing height marker

4. We suggest that a baby should travel in a controlled sitting arrangement with an internal strapping for as long as possible, even if the baby is aged above 4 years old

5. When using a booster seat, a child must be at least 4 years old and should meet all the minimum height marker

6. To make sure that as safe a child controlled sitting arrangement is set up we suggest that the child should be present at the time of baby bunting car seat installation.

Are you sure if you baby child seat is correctly installed?

If you have any doubt then please don’t delay and risk your child’s safety! Speak to us now! We can arrange and perform a safety check and offer you expert advice on the steps that you should take to help keep your baby safe and comfortable while driving your car,

Call us now if you need an efficient baby car seat fitting solution across Sydney!

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